Roulette online for real money - is it really worth it?

Playing games in an online casino is obviously a great bit of entertainment. And what is better than being able to win actual money while getting entertained? Well, hardly anything. But whenever real money gets involved around gaming on the internet, there are dangers looming as well. These should not be taken lightly at all. One mistake can have big consequences for your financial situation. Do not give in to every single incentive, no matter how attractive an opportunity may seem at first glance. This may all be way much easier said than actually done. But we will give you some more insight into the looming dangers, but also the chances that are waiting for you while playing Roulette online. After all, this game has a high reputation among all gamblers.


Choose the right casinos

This high reputation is also something that many casinos or their operators are aiming for. But can they all live up to it? Are they the same kind of upper-class establishment like the brick and mortar casinos of Las Vegas, Macau, Monte Carlo and so on? Some of the definitely fulfill all the expectations their customers and also experts around the globe have. But others fall short in various aspects. The one very important criteria to look at in these regards are the licences. Serious operators cooperate with the authoritites and protect their clients from all sorts of fraud that could occur while playing on the internet. Less serious operators however will struggle to obtain a licence. After all, the requirements to obtain a casino licence are high wherever you look.

It is hardly a surprise that many online casinos have their headquarters where the authorities are also specialized about online gambling. Absolute hot spots for online gambling licences are places like Malta or the United Kingdom, where the authorities offer favourable, but yet strict policices about online gambling. Casinos with licences from the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) or the United Kingdom Gambling Commission (UKGC) are absolutely safe. Other countries and legislations which offer good licences are the Isle of Man, Sweden or Curaçao, just to name a few. The more obscure things become however, the further you should stay away from online casinos. Should any given casino mention no information about licences at all, you would better not risk investing your money there at all - you might see nothing in return.

  • Always look for safe casinos
  • Safe casinos are thoroughly licenced
  • Casinos should have nothing to hide

How about the actual games?

Now that we have covered the aspect of safety and licencing, we can look at the games themselves. Roulette is not always the same. There are several variations of the game that you should know before you start playing with real money. After all, some versions have a higher return to player (RTP) than others - or the other way round, some games have a higher house edge. The main difference is between the American and the European (or French) versions of Roulette. American Roulette has a higher house edge and thus counts as slightly less favourable for the players. But is this difference really so significant? We leave that up to you to decide. And if you only play a limited amount of rounds, this difference might not play a major role anyway.

The actual difference is one extra pocket in the wheel of the American version of Roulette. While the French and European versions have 18 numbered black and red pockets each, along with one green 0, the American version has an extra 00 pocket. In any case, the green pockets for 0 and 00 "belong" to the dealer. The players can not win anything if the ball chooses to enter these pockets - apart from a free replay. Hitting any of the paying (i.e. red or black) numbers is slightly less likely in the American Roulette. Compared to the 2,70 % house edge of the European game, this value rises up to more than 5 % in the American version. If you want to win real money, you might want to play European Roulette.

Test Roulette for free

Having read the above, you might still not be fully convinced about playing Roulette with real money. And we can not blame you for this. Making the step up to real money games does take some willingness to put your hard earned money at risk. This is why most online casinos offer their clients the possibility to play games like Roulette without any real money for starters. These so-called demo versions are ideal for players who have not quite got the experience to safely play with real money yet. They might also be an ideal training ground if you want to apply certain strategies. You learn a lot about the rhythm of the game without having to fear dramatic losses just because you have not quite got the experience required yet.


Learn about Roulette strategies

Within the game you can of course choose yourself how much risk you want to take. If you want to remain on the cautious side, you should be interested in the outside bets. These offer you a higher probability for winnings. But at the same time these winnings may not be genuinely high. If right from the start you want to take some risk, you may aim for single numbers, the so-called inside bets. Their name originates in the location of such betting options on the table, right on the inside. If you are lucky enough to guess the right numbers, the winnings are fairly high. Hitting the right number between 1 and 36 is quite some challenge however, as you really just have to guess the outcome, with no certainties given at all.

  • There is a number of well-known strategies
  • Playing by strategy requires high discipline

Play Roulette online for real money in the live casino

If you want to experience the whole thing that is Roulette, why not try live games. These are led by actual dealers just like you would meet them in a land-based casino. Many casino operators have such games on offer these days. Live casinos are quite possibly the closest thing to the real casino experience that you can access on the internet. Even the interaction amongst the players, which makes a casino such a special place, is possible in some live casinos. They give you the possibility to interact with other players, although you may not have your Martini in hand while playing from your phone. But drinking and gambling have never been a happy pairing anyway, so rather stay off the booze while you are playing Roulette or any other casino game.

Real money games on your mobile phone

Lastly, one of the major advantages of an online casino is that you can play from everywhere, isn't it? Play from the comforts of your home, your garden or from anywhere on the move in New Zealand. Maybe you will soon be celebrating some nice winnings that could make your day even better. If it is not the money you are playing for, you can still just get some nice entertainment out of it. Having to wait for your bus finally to arrive at the destination or waiting for your flight at the airport just got that little bit more interesting. Nowadays, most online casino websites are easily accessible from smartphones and tablets. Just open the page in the browser and get started with the most popular games - why not a quick game of Roulette?